Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Andrex talk frankly to men about a personal problem

Thanks to Kimberly-Clark there is now no need for men who have been run over to worry about the state of their underpants. The makers of Andrex have thought of everything and have launched a campaign to advise men of the solution showing a full page shot of a man's pants clad bottom with an appalled dragon looking at the question "Could you be cleaner? Their solution:Use Andrex "moistened after regular toilet paper to leave you cleaner and fresher than ever"
Walls brilliant bacon

Within a couple of months of me complaining about the horrible white stuff in cheap bacon Walls come up with the goods.In a beautiful full page ad in the Telegraph magazine they promote their brand with theslogan "less white stuff".

Isn't the power of blogging amazing/

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Film masterpiece emerges after 27 years

Langrishe go down was shown on BBC 2 television on 16 August late night with virtually no publicity. Newspaper television reviews did not draw attention to it. I watched it accidentally having awoken with the television on a few minutes after it had begun. I was mesmerised by every part of the production.
I have never seen a sexual relationship captured so well in a film with the fascinating combination of strength, vulnerability and eroticism portrayed by Judy Dench.The cinematography was haunting and the dialogue witty and moving. Only afterwards did I realise the involvement of Harold Pinter.
It is truly amazing that this television film was shown just once in 1978 and not repeated until 2005.
Minette Marrin has a great website

One of my favourite columnists is Minette Marrin who writes for the Sunday Times. I have only just discovered her website in which I can read all that she has written for newspapers since 1991.

Such websites could well provide an alternative portal into the history of what concerns intelligent and perceptive people over the period in which they write.

She's jolly brave, however, to leave in everything she has written. I just rereasd her piece on Labour's election victory in 1997 that, as a Conservative supporter, gave her a considerable amount of pleasure. I don't know whether she ever recanted that pleasure.

Her archive index is very easy to use. I look forward to dipping into it to revisit articles that I enjoyed and to find ones that I missed.

You can find her on