Sunday, June 26, 2005

Cooking a Morrison's chicken

I wonder who is responsible for the cooking instructions to be found at the back of the food labels attached to plastic film covered chickens. At Morrison's the first thing is a careful choice of colour of the typeface. What about grey? That should do the trick. Now fill up the space available by repeating information like the Morrison logo and a reminder that it is a GRADE A FRESH GARLIC BASTED CHICKEN which we of course already knew because that is what it said on the outside of the packet. Next make the typeface as small as possible. Perfect. Given the distortion caused by any attempt to read this through the plastic film, customers without 20/20 vision can be given the maximum aggravation.
Now there's one in the eye for the Disability Commission. There should be a law against it! Come to think of it there already is.
Technical note: 55 minutes a kilo at 190 centigrade + 25 minutes should do the trick.
But please take expert advice and legal advice before attempting to cook a chicken.